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Against the Grain

Dec 5, 2018

Host Josh Kraushaar and the Cook Political Report's Dave Wasserman broke down the midterm House elections, including the drama unfolding in races still uncalled a month later, President Trump's shadow over the GOP losses and in the new Congress, and the diversity of the incoming freshmen who won Democrats...

Nov 29, 2018

Bruce Mehlman, one of the sharpest political watchers and trendspotters in Washington, goes over the Midterm's trends, the 2020 Democratic field, and predictions for 2019.

Nov 8, 2018

Colin Reed, senior vice president at Definers Public Affairs, been a campaign adviser to some of the most successful blue-state Republicans, including Mitt Romney, Chris Christie, and John McCain.After a wild election night, he shares his midterm takeaways, thoughts on the possible 2020 Democratic presidential field,...

Nov 1, 2018

Is the Trump era the golden age of opposition research? Has the #MeToo movement changed how it works? What do "trackers" do? Shripal Shah, Vice President of the pro-Democrat opposition research firm American Bridge, breaks it all down on this week's episode of Against the Grain.

Oct 25, 2018

Republican consultant Brad Todd literally wrote the book on the reshaping of American politics. As he works on some of the most-competitive Senate races in the country, including Republican Josh Hawley’s big fight against Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill in Missouri, Todd shares race rundowns, Trump's two...